We are our insides. Our ideas, actions, thoughts, feelings, emotions all come from the mess of wiring, muscles, bones, and squishy organs. Everything starts from the inside, yet all we can see of one another is the outside.

Maybe we ski down mountains or climb up rocks for no other reason except that it helps us explore our own insides. We document these experiences in order to explain those insides to those on the outside.

Everything you’ll find below is an expression of my insides…

I became a pro-skier rather "late" in life-25 being old for professional sports. After leaving an education and career in hospitality for the wild ride of freeskiing, I found myself competing on the Freeride World Tour, appearing in segments in ski films made by Sherpas Cinema and Teton Gravity Research, and going on expeditions. All of these adventures are supported by my sponsors-The North Face, Line Skis, and Smith Optics. Companies who stand by me through 13 plus years of actual and abstract peaks and valleys.

My skis have taken me to China and Japan, Chile and Argentina, France, Spain, Austria and Italy. I've descended rather icey walls in Bolivia, and a first female-second ever ski descent of the Corrugated spine wall on the Canada/Alaska border. Sometimes my skis have landed me in the hospital with torn acls, a broken back, or exploded shoulder. Too many times I've attended a funeral of a friend or partner from a mountain adventure gone unlucky.

Not all ski runs are perfectly groomed...

I've been interviewed and written about. You can find any of these with a google search (where I'm also eternally aged at 29), though I'm fond of this one written by one of my closet friends or this one. Or hear my voice on a podcast or two.

I've had the best partners in these adventures. From other athletes, to photographers and filmers. From team managers to weekend warriors. I've gotten to ski, climb, hike and wander with countless humans who have become friends.

The mountains are where I feel like the most me-well mountains and curled up reading a book. I appreciate the way a tree doesn't judge. Am amazed by the way sunlight can feel after an alpine start. And delight in the rare run in with winter animal.

I've tried my best to capture all of my adventures-both external and internal, with the written word. I also write about clothes for mountain dwellers and visitors in a blog with Kellyn Wilson named TOGS.

A writer and reader as soon as I could become one-stories are my favorite way to move through life. To explore life's questions. To record the heartbreak and the joy.

To connect with me.

To connect with you.

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