My older brother started law school when he was 39. After studying computer programming. After giving everything up to take care of my dad while he had cancer. He’s lit up in a way I haven’t seen in years. 

My younger brother started PA school when he was 37. After years of skiing professionally. After starting a family. Starting something new while still juggling all his responsibilities.

My mother started lifting weights when she was 72. After becoming a widow. Each week she reports on what she can lift. New muscles she can see. Reports on how her body is changing. I can see how her outlook is changing too.

Yesterday, I went with my very fast friend Hillary Gerardi into the mountains. She needed to spend time at the highest elevation she could while preparing for a running expedition in the high mountains of Peru and Bolivia. I wanted to go to altitude before committing to some alpine climbing routes in the next coming days. So we roped up and headed up into the mountains. 

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